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Fusker Client 3.5
(.Net 3.5)
updated 26-07-2011

Auto fusker feeds
You see is what you get

Fusker feeds automatically added

No browser needed


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The only fusker tool
you need The fusker program makes use of the .NET 3.5 framework and is written in C#
There is absolutely no spyware / adware / virus or other shit compiled into the program. The program needs not to be installed.

  • high-quality fusker addresses
  • proxy support (as of 28 dec.)
  • automatic picture drawing
  • automatic window scaling
  • full window zoom
  • start-stop and pause buttons
  • auto save pictures
  • Explore cached pictures
  • background mode
  • generates "done" file
  • No registration
  • No virus/Trojans or other shit
  • It's free
  • No Internet Browser needed

The latest fusker feeds
The best fusker feeds
Drops out bad fuskers

Because it shows 1 picture at the time, bandwidth usage is almost zero, except for transfering the picture itself of course.

Download (free): FuskerClientPlus


The fusker concept is used
to display random pictures
No other programs are
needed to use the fuskering
Just sit back and relax...

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